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Service of Process

Take the worry out of process serving when you use Sure Serve to manage all your process serving needs. Our experienced process agents work in CA  and throughout the nation to provide you with fast adn effective service.

Unlawful Detainer - Eviction Services

Backed by over 18 years of experiene Sure Serve is qualified to accomplish all your unlawful detainer/ eviction matters. We can assist you through all areas of the process. Ask about our RUSH Flat UD package

Bay Area/CA Court filing & resesarch

You can trust our accomplished court runners to swiftly handle your Court Filing demands in every court in CA. We are also available to conduct Court & Criminal Research whenever you need a document or require criminal research in any court in CA. Need that document or a package delivered? Check out our Courier Services

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Wage Garnishments & Bank Levies

Let us help you with Judgment Enforcement.  We offer a variety of Judgment Recovery methods including not limited to Wage Garnishments and Bank Levies.  Don't have a bank account number or work address for your judgment debtor?  Give us a call-we may be able to assist you in obtaining a possible account number or place of employment.

Locating Services

We have a high rate of success tracking down individuals and companies that you may need to serve or collect on.  Depending on your needs we can often assist you by using a number of Skip Tracing techniques to discover the whereabouts of the person or company that you are searching for.

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More Than 15 Years of Experience

Who Are We

Sure Serve is your most reliable choice for legal services in CA and the United States. We specialize in process serving, court filing,  document retreival and point to point delivery. We also offer a full line of additional services such as judgement recovery including wage garnishments & bank levies, criminal research and skip tracing. Based out of Walnut Creek, CA and established in 2003, Sure Serve is driven by over 18 years of knowledge, dependability & experience in the industry. This makes us uniquely qualified to oversee all your legal service requests.

Contact us today to request a service from our results-driven legal and courier services and let us handle the court paperwork.